Gutter Cleaning: No Dirt Smears Please

Dirt smears in gutter
Dirt smears in gutter

Despite all the different gutter cleaning gadgets on the market, if you clean your own gutters, you will mostly do so by hand. In my opinion, gutter cleaning by hand, although tiresome, is still a better method than using gimmicks like high pressure sprayers or leaf blowers. These methods tend to hurl debris everywhere not to mention all over yourself. One of the most difficult aspects of gutter cleaning by hand is encountering those tight spots where the gutter opening is so small that you can barely get your fingers into it. This happens as a result of the building process where gutters are put on well before roof sheeting or tiles are. Once gutters and facial board are in place, a roofer will lay roof sheeting or tiles to create an even gutter gap all around the house. This often doesn’t happen due to a number of factors.

No matter how much time you spend gutter cleaning by hand, without the use of a high pressure vacuum, its extremely difficult to get rid of hardened dirt smears. Dirt smears are what remains from the soft soil deposit that accumulates at the bottom of the gutter. Over time (generally years), debris will break down into a very fertile compost type soil. This soil becomes more compact over time and therefore very difficult to remove by hand.

Unfortunately, you just can’t get everything by hand……but a gutter cleaning vacuum can! Gutter vacuums are extremely powerful, they will remove even the most hardened dirt ingrained in a gutter. My gutter vacuum system is from one of the leaders in industrial vacuum manufacturers Applied Cleaning Solutions. Leaving dirt smears in a gutter will prevent the free flow of rain water into downpipes. Dirt smears also act as collection points for debris to cling to as it floats along the gutter. Leaving dirt smears just allow the gutter to fill up with debris faster than it should, increasing the frequency of cleans required.

Vac cleaned gutter

So call Gavan from Gav’s Gutter Cleaning to get the job done right the first time.  I’ll provide you with before and after photos to show you how clean your gutters needs to be to work effectively. Why pay someone to do something gutter cleaning by hand when it won’t truly clean the gutter 100%.  Take a look at my machine in action. Call Gavan on 0417 830 358 for a free quote today.

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