Gutter Cleaning – What’s living in your Gutters?

Let’s face it, gutter cleaning is not a popular job.  It’s often a messy, tedious and thankless task that needs to be repeated much sooner than we expect. Most homeowners will clean their gutters to avoid the build up of debris which causes water damage to their property. While this is certainly an important reason to have gutter cleaning done, there is another serious consequence of having blocked gutters.  When gutters become blocked, the combination of built up soil, grass, mould, fungus, decomposing leaf matter and all other forms of debris, create something much more serious than the potential for water damage….toxic bacteria!

Mould and Fungus in Gutter

Bacteria are microscopic organisms. Good and bad bacteria can be found in almost every living thing, however it is important to make the distinction between good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria helps the human body function in a variety of different ways including the digestion of food and the protection of cells from infection.  Bad or dangerous bacteria however can enter our body through contaminated food or water, contact with faeces or by touching contaminated surfaces. According to,  once in our system, bad bacteria can rapidly multiply and begin to give off toxins, which can damage tissue and make you seriously ill (bacterial infections).

Under the right conditions, a dirty gutter can become its own mini ecosystem, hosting all the vital ingredients to create and sustain life of some variation.  Soil, dirty water, fungus, worms, fecal matter from birds and possums, moss and lichen growth can all be found in your standard gutter, depending upon its surrounding environment. The bacteria, mould and fungi that grow within these mini ecosystems are potentially dangerous to humans, resulting in serious respiratory infections, itchiness, watery eyes, rashes, hives, coughing, sneezing and headaches.

Moss Growth in Gutter

When you consider how close gutters are to common areas of our daily living, it is concerning to think that we may be exposing our families to harmful mould spores and toxic bacteria upon a daily basis. Gutters above our front doors, deck/entertainment areas and bedroom windows are all generally in close proximity to humans.  Even if you can’t see any debris sticking out the top of your gutters, it doesn’t mean that dangerous bacteria and mould is not there lying out of sight. Having professional gutter cleaning done regularly helps to keep this dangerous bacteria to a minimum and ensures your gutters are 100% clean.

If you can see that your gutters are full or if you just want to find out the state of them, call Gav’s Gutter Cleaning on 0417 830 358. I take before and after photos so you can see what was actually living in your gutter and how clean I can get them. Don’t take the risk with your families health!  Get your gutter cleaning done today.

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