The following is a list of things you should expect from a gutter cleaning business:



A fair and suitable price

Pricing for gutter cleaning is extremely difficult as every roof is different. Factors such as the roof access, roof material, amount of debris, storey’s / height and the overall condition of the roof/gutter will affect the price charged.  Be aware that some operators who advertise gutter cleaning from a set price may end up adjusting their quote once they are on your roof.


A registered ABN or ACN

Any operator should be running a registered business and not just doing cash jobs. This protects both you and them in case something goes wrong.



Photos should be taken at the completion of the job. Some photos should be taken at gutter level to show a clean gutter all the way back under the roofing material.


Roof reporting

An operator should provide you with some information either written or verbal about the overall condition of your roof. If they see any cracked tiles, broken bedding mortar or general damage, this should be reported.


Water Flushing

Gutters should be flushed with water after hand or vacuum cleaning. This ensures that there are no dirt smears or build-ups remaining inside your gutters. It also provides an opportunity to test the flow of the gutter.


Fully Insured

In order to protect your property, a gutter cleaning providers should have a minimum of $10 million in public liability cover.


Methods of Payment

Businesses should provide a range of payment options such as EFT, cheque and cash.


Downpipes Cleared

All downpipes should be cleared of any debris with the exception of blockages that require a licensed plumber. There is little point having clean gutters if debris is left trapped in down pipes.


Removal of Debris / Waste

All waste from gutters should be either taken away or put in your green/organics bin.


A minimum of 2 hours work

This may depend upon the equipment used and number of operators doing the job but overall, a standard 3 bedroom home should take a minimum of 2 hours to clean properly. This involves setting up, removing any heavy debris by hand, vacuuming the gutter, flushing with water and general clean up.


More Info

As I spend most of my day up on a roof, I may miss your call. If you would like a quick quote please text me and I’ll be able to get back to you as soon as possible.

If emailing me, please include your address.

Please note that due to safety concerns, I no longer clean gutters on Terracotta tiled roofs.

Phone: 0417 830 358


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